[ACT-W+] Driving Change Through The Power of Stories by ChickTech Headquarters

[ACT-W+] Driving Change Through The Power of Stories

Starts Aug 5, 2020 at 4:00 PM PDT

Learn how to intentionally and ethically leverage the voices of the underrepresented to help better support DEI initiatives and foster inclusive cultures.

About the Webinar

We live in a society that historically excludes talented individuals with underrepresented identities from taking a seat at the table. It is time to change the narrative and intentionally approach leadership with an inclusive and change-driven mindset.

This talk will critically analyze misrepresentations in current diversity initiatives which lead to a false delusion of progress. We will understand how leveraging the voice of the underrepresented through stories and validation will not only heal the pipeline, but also allow for accurate and fruitful DEI initiatives. We will discuss areas of improvement for building truly inclusive cultures with diverse experiences at the heart. Breaking down barriers to entry and long-term success will enable leaders to do the right thing, while unlocking a multitude of benefits for their organization.

About the Speaker

Along with being a full-time industrial engineering student, Sneha tirelessly dedicates her energy to DEI work at Oregon State University and online, to further her passion for driving cultural change towards actual inclusivity. As a first-generation indian-american, she started EngineerLikeALady with a 3-part mission: 1) foster an environment of social justice learning surrounding practices in the STEM and corporate space. 2) provide career and lifestyle resources. 3) normalize the existence of bold brown womxn as validation extended to her audience. Sneha leverages the power of education through stories to build actionable discourse surrounding a better future in STEM for all.

About ACT-W+

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