[Hacienda] Digital Orientation by ChickTech HQ

[Hacienda] Digital Orientation

Starts Nov 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM PST

About the Speaker

Isabel is the digital lab coordinator for Hacienda CDC's newest program called the Innovation Labs. Isabel recently moved to Portland from the San Francisco Bay Area after finishing a bachelor's degree in Business Administation: Management. When they're not coordinating a digital learning program, Isabel is riding their bike around town and making their favorite dishes like agua chile. Isabel is excited to be working with Hacienda's residents to help increase digital literacy and technological access in every household.

About the Event

This event is part of Hacienda CDC’s newest program that strives to increase access to technology and increase digital literacy in their community. During this orientation, learners will be introduced to Hacienda CDC’s instructors and support team. Following the introduction, learners will get a brief digital literacy lesson to help learners comfortably navigate the ACT-W+ website and their computers. After this, we will discuss the programming for the year, which includes a digital literacy bootcamp, job development series, and Hacienda CDC’s pre-recorded offerings. There will be time for questions and to address any concerns at the end of the class.