ChickTech 2020: Year in Review by ChickTech HQ

ChickTech 2020: Year in Review

Starts Jan 12, 2021 at 4:30 PM PST

Farewell ChickTech 2020.  Welcome ChickTech 2021! 

What was our impact this past year as an organization? How we're moving forward with the ChickTech community into 2021?! 

About the Event

Year-end community update for all ChickTech partners, members, and volunteers. We'l share our impact this past year as an organization, what we've done to address the current climate and how we're moving forward with the ChickTech community into 2021! 

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About the Speaker

Come hear from ChickTech  board members:

Nanci Schmizzi, a Senior Technology Executive with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.  As founder and principal at Fair Oaks Strategies, Nanci has served as a Management Consultant at large financial services firms, non-profits and professional associations.  Nanci has extensive experience in IT strategy, business continuity and resiliency planning, business relationship, program management, and software development.  She is actively engaged in championing programs supporting STEM Initiatives. 

Christine Pavalon who has grown up selling telco and later SAAS communication systems over the past 20+ years. Transitioning from Customer Service, to Solutions Engineer, Sales, and then Management she saw same sex colleagues become fewer and fewer. Christine joined as a Board Member in Q1 2020 to highlight areas of continued communication and opportunity in Tech Sales.

Jennie Leigh
Elizabeth Gotto 
Jessica Shevitz-Rausch