[ACT-W+] Ask Me Anything ACT-W+ Edition by ChickTech HQ

[ACT-W+] Ask Me Anything ACT-W+ Edition

Starts Dec 9, 2020 at 4:30 PM PST

Ask Us Anything about our membership program and other programs as well!

About the Event

Ask Us Anything! Really. 

What is ACT-W+?, What are the benefits of the program?, How can I get involved?, We will answer them all at our AMA. 

Can ACT-W+ help me get a job?, How do I make a career change?, Where do babies come from? - We'll even answer that! Join our AMA on December 9th to ask your burning questions to ChickTech staff and some very special guests.

About the Speakers

We are thrilled to provide a platform where womxn can share their voices, experiences, and hopes in tech.  

Meet our special guests:

Maddy Stevens: currently works for two schools in the Seattle area doing IT work, teaching a middle school tech class, and training teachers on tech tools. I use coding to automate our processes. A huge passion of mine is accessibility in tech, so outside of work I study WCAG guidelines and create tutorials for YouTube.

Prior to working at two schools I was one of the teaching assistants at the UW’s coding bootcamp. My background is in multi media journalism and tech support at Apple.

I use ChickTech to stay connected to the coding community by attending workshops, learning new skills, and making connections with people in the broader tech community. My goal is to continue working in school IT and to also contribute to the accessibility in tech community.

Pearl Ortega-Fraustro: I currently am a wife and stay at home mom of three young children. I live in Southern California, where I moved to from Chicago four years ago. Prior to my move I worked as Director of Housekeeping and Laundry at an assisted living community. After taking time to take care of my family, I am looking forward to returning into the workforce.
A motivating factor was attending the ACT-W+ 2020 Conference this past summer. It was recommended to me by a friend and I really enjoyed it. Seeing and listening to other women encourage individuals like myself, was refreshing.  

Govi Pusarla: ChickTech class of 2019! Govi is a former student of ChickTech High School, continuing her education in cybersecurity and working at Microsoft.