About ACT-W+

ACT-W+ allows ChickTech’s mission to extend further than ever before. Through an online community, resources, workshops, and networks, ACT-W+ supports the development of professionals, while providing high quality content and programming.

A community for womxn and allies in tech.

Our online membership community is tailored toward individuals in all stages of their professional careers. Whether you’re just starting out in tech or you’re a tech veteran, ACT-W+ has something to offer! Join with us to connect with our community of female, non-binary, and transgender professionals advancing their careers in tech. 

Why become an ACT-W+ member?

  • Countless opportunities to develop new skills through live and on-demand webinars and workshops
  • Digital networking and discussions through exclusive ACT-W+ member discussions and Slack channels
  • Find your next job or gig by searching our jobs, scholarships, and internship listings

  • Curated deals and prizes, including discounts to events, leadership training, mentorship programs and more
  • Discounts to ACT-W Conferences that you already know and love!
  • Support the next generation in tech: proceeds obtained through memberships help fund ChickTech youth empowerment and educational opportunities across the country


What is ACT-W and what does it stand for?

ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Womxn) began as a conference series bringing together talented tech womxn and allies, from beginning programmers to senior developers, to C-suite executives. Today, ACT-W encompasses our yearly conferences, the ACT-W+ online community, and in-person evening events for adults in technology.

Who runs ACT-W+?

ACT-W+ is powered by ChickTech, a national nonprofit organization founded in 2012 and dedicated to empowering womxn of all ages in technology. ChickTech builds communities, empowers participants to see themselves as leaders, and provides networking and mentoring opportunities in a rapidly growing industry. We're proud to have made a direct impact on tens of thousands of participants, including girls, womxn (including transgender and non-binary individuals), and men.

What makes ACT-W+ unique from other communities?

What makes ACT-W unique is our focus on community and supporting womxn throughout the cycles of their tech careers. With an emphasis on inclusion, we welcome people of all genders as well as backgrounds. Regardless of how technical you are, there is something you can take away from ACT-W+.

ACT-W+ is also uniquely positioned to empower the next generation in tech–proceeds obtained through individual and corporate memberships are used to fund youth empowerment and educational opportunities across the country. 

Is there an annual membership fee?

Yes, we provide two options to pay for memberships: choose between a year-long membership ($250) or pay by the month ($25/month).

What is a technical community?

ChickTech has a rich history of connecting knowledgeable people around common interests and industries. We build communities, empower participants to see themselves as leaders, and provide networking and mentoring opportunities in a rapidly growing industry. We believe that having a community with diverse personal and professional backgrounds enhances our ability to meet our mission and creates a vibrant environment where individuals can learn, grow, and thrive, and we want you to be a part of it! 

Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

We strive to make our platform as accessible as possible. Discounted memberships for students and limited scholarships for students, historically underrepresented individuals, and job seekers are available by application.

In addition, we regularly offer free webinars to help those who are not able to purchase a membership interact with our community and move their careers forward. 

Can I suggest a talk, speaker, or specific content?

Yes! If you have any ideas of content that you would like to see please email us at actwplus@chicktech.org with suggestions. We are a collaborative community and welcome any and all insights our members may have.

Will webinars be repeated? Can I watch them at any time?

Yes! If you are a current member, you will be able to view webinars and ask questions (if time allows) during the live session. The webinar will be recorded to rewatch or for those who were not able to attend at the scheduled time.

What kinds of webinars are offered on the platform?

ACT-W+ provides webinars and networking events within a variety of topics and disciplines. These include but are not limited to talks on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), leadership and professional development, tips for job seekers, and technical workshops. You can visit our Webinars page to learn about our upcoming webinars.

Do you offer transcripts of your talks for those who are hearing impared?

Yes! Our webinars are offered via Zoom. Through their transcription feature, we are able to provide a transcription once the webinar has concluded. We can send the transcription as a separate document or embedded into the recording (similar to closed caption). If you would like a copy of a webinar’s transcription, please email actwplus@chicktech.org

Do you offer transcripts of your talks in other languages?

Currently we do not offer transcripts of our webinars in other languages. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer to make this possible, please email actwplus@chicktech.org

Can I contact a webinar speaker after the webinar has concluded?

Generally, yes! We find that our speakers are almost always happy to connect with attendees one-on-one after their webinar. Most speakers will share contact information such as email, LinkedIn, etc. during their session. If you have any questions about reaching out to a speaker after the webinar, please contact us at actwplus@chicktech.org.

Do you offer webinars or talks that result in a certification for professional development?

Currently we do not offer these, but we are hoping that we will be able to offer certifications in the future. We value everyone’s strengths and motivation to grow and want to help our members gain additional skills to excel in this industry. If you have questions or suggestions on a specific type of certification, please email actwplus@chicktech.org

ACT-W+ Founding Members

Lis Beacham
Tina Brownfield
Jeremiah Coleman
Kelly Curtin
Siobhan Daly
Nicole Frapolly
Kim Holmes
Sandra Johnson
Christina Kjolhede
Elizabeth Mezias
Sara Morrow
Sam Needham
Lee Ng
Kerri Nussbaum
Lisa O'Brian
Sara Porter
Banu Raman
Ted Schuh
Deanna Tavernier

About ACT-W+

Powered by national nonprofit ChickTech, ACT-W+ is an online community supporting career development of technical professionals and students. Proceeds are used to fund ChickTech youth empowerment and educational opportunities across the country.